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From Facebook 21/09/17

With ‘Suits’ and ‘Songs from the Mirror’ now virtually completed apart from the mastering I can switch my sights onto the last 2 albums in the remaster schedule, ‘Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors’ and ‘Internal Exile’. I don’t plan to get into these compilations until early next year but I’ll be collecting material as I go along. I already have a whole suite of demos from ‘Vigil’ and ‘Exile’ that have been transferred from old Akai 12 track recordings and I’m looking forward to hearing what we have to play with.There’s a lot of material available for both titles that has to be sifted through and I still have to determine how it will all be packaged.It’ll provide a nice break in the ‘Weltschmerz’ writing sessions as I have allocated the first 6 months of next year to the new album. Interesting times.