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Fugazi Era Marillion Tribute Coming to UK for First Time

Is anyone else going to the Mr Punch gigs in the UK? Would be great to have a meet up… They’re coming over from Italy next month and only playing two UK dates one in Abingdon in Oxfordshire and the other in Leicester. In my opinion they have got to be in the best one or two around. Apparently The Company (Italy) have given their seal of approval…have a listen and make your own minds up…

Would love to meet up with a few other Fishheads and sink a few…I’ll be at the Abingdon gig.

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HI! thank you!!!

We are delighted to announce our first gigs in UK and our coming back in Netherland!!!

Experience a full set of classic Fish Era Marilllion - Fugazi tour (early and later)
14/10/2016 - Music at The Northcourt - Oxfordshire (UK)
15/10/2016 - The Soundhouse - Leicester (UK)
16/10/2016 - Cafè de Herberg - Ommen (NL)

very very happy!!

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