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I hope that’s not true.

If they want to release an album, fine… just don’t label it AC/DC.


BBC News - Peter Green: Fleetwood Mac co-founder dies aged 73

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Rest in Peace


What do you make of these socially distanced gigs?

Think i’d give that a miss.

Might as well sit at home and watch a live stream / DVD / whatever. To me, the point of going to a gig (indoor or out) is the atmosphere and interaction with the performer(s) and / or rest of the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I like my own space more than most and I completely understand that they’ve got to do something to get all involved back to earning some cash, but I just don’t think I’d enjoy it.
No opportunity for improving your view of the stage, meeting new people…All the disadvantages of an outdoor gig without any of the usual advantages. It must cost a fortune to set up and severely limit the potential audience numbers, too…All of which presumably means an increase in the price of tickets, drinks, food, etc.
Who knows, though…it might be the only way we’re going to get gigs back for some time to come :thinking: :worried:

Looks like a bad version of the cover of “Momentary Lapse Of Reason.”


I honestly think it depends what type of music is being played.

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Will be interesting to see the results!

Wouldn’t like to be one of those guinea pigs.

The guinea pigs are all volunteers.

I don’t post this because I agree with it. Just a talking point!