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Gig Ticket prices

Just out of curiosity I checked on the prices for the ELO tour next year for the Glasgow hydro.

Cheapest is £67 but your stuck away up in the heavens, I know the front seats would be dearer, but I nearly fell off mine when the price came up…
Not a chance in hell, for gods sake surely some sanity needs to prevail between band, promoter and venue.


I paid in the region of that for my ELO ticket last year (not the £288!) but it was a one off experience. Ridiculous though, I agree. Must be raking in a very large fortune with every performance.

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Sometimes you have to bite the bullet, if Led Zeppelin toured again I’d pay whatever if I could get a ticket.
You only live once and they are the last band on my bucket list.


The problem is that with lots of these ‘retro/end of life’ acts, punters will pay over the odds as who knows if you’ll see these bands again.

Also these gigs do sellout, therefore the artists are only too happy to raise the prices to add to their pension funds, and can you blame them.

With these older acts, in the majority of cases, their fans are also older, and also financially better off than the younger generation who watch the newer up and coming bands, which gives them the opportunity to charge more for a ticket.

Sad but true.

Going slightly off topic, but it was featured on BBC news this week, how the younger generation are being priced out of going to watch live football. I forget exactly what the figures were, but there’s been a big study into the leisure activities of 25’s and under and live football featured less than ever before, with costs involved being the biggest factor. - Think it will take a drastic rethink to get them back onboard. …but then again how else can clubs afford to pay those astronomical wages?

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I bit the bullet for ELO this time.

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I personally blame the Rolling Stones. Every year that they go out on the road they drive the prices up and then everyone else follows suit. Going back 15 years, I paid £65 in Manchester MEN and actually ended up in the top tier, behind the stage. I could only see 3/4 of the stage. Apparently there were cheaper seats, but I can’t imagine where they were positioned. To sit in the block directly in front of the stage was £450 per ticket.

British dates are rumoured for next year, and yes, I will pay what I have to in order to be there.

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Roger Waters prices are ridiculous this time around.

Makes you wonder why he’s so bleedin’ miserable.

Maiden’s are around £60 which is fairly reasonable for a big band but with £8 fees added on

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That’s brilliant considering the bands mentioned so far.

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I’ve just paid an obscene amount of money for two Rolling Stones tickets in Manchester. The booking fee alone was almost £50. I’m furious with the band, the promoter and myself for this transaction, but you’re a long time dead and I wanna see the Stones. Hopefully I’ll have gotten over the shock by the time the gig comes.



I thought that about 12+ years ago on the Bridges to Babylon tour. Refused to pay £100 for Wembley Arena, then knocked back a bottle of red wine and thought something to the effect of ‘sod it, this will be the last tour before they call it a day’

So, my advice would be ‘sod it, buy the ticket, it’ll be the last tour before they call it a day!’

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Top bands = Top Dollar

I’ve been lucky enough to see The Stones 3 times and have always been excellent.

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This will be my 5th Stones gig since Voodoo Lounge. They’ve always delivered the goods.

There was a bit of a battle raging on Facebook over the ticket prices, with longtime fans really criticising and refusing to play. Someone said they could feed their family for two weeks for the price of a ticket. I bought into the argument of what people are willing to pay for an artistic masterpiece. If want to see Picasso sing Sympathy For The Devil then you’ve got to pay Picasso prices.

I used to drive a Picasso.


Sure, but “presales” tickets are Platunum tickets only and they start at £240 going upwards. Plus fees. That’s a con.

Ticket prices for Fish the face value for the ticket £27.50 is reasonable but the scamming booking fees , postage , venue restoration fee? brings it up to 33.75 , these ticket agents need reigning in :rage:

Which site are you on that the ticket price is £27.50 Ian ?

That was see tickets , but they bump it up to 31 with the fees and venue charge

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Thanks Ian I would definitely use See tickets before Ticketmaster
Total would be £64 for Glasgow including postage but only if set list changes.

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