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Glasgow O2 13th Dec Farewell to Childhood

I know this is a very long shot.
Just been contacted by G of TCI( The Company Italy) Looking for anyone with 2 Spare tickets for the Glasgow gig.
If anyone can help please contact me ASAP.

Slainte Eveveryone :slight_smile:

Hi all,

1st post on here but long time fish fan (saw him on the Vigil tour down in Bristol, many, many moons ago) and quite a few more times since (a dozen times at least). Also interviewed the big guy a few years ago (

Anyway, I am desperate to see him in Glasgow in a fortnight but the gig is obviously sold out - my wife promised to get me tickets and here we are once more…

So if anyone has a spare ticket (or even better 2), then please get in contact.

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Looking for one ticket for the Glasgow gig. Anybody able to help? Thanks

I now have a spare for Glasgow in 13th Dec if anyone needs.

I’m sorted thanks and just leaving home.