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Google Play's Album of the Week

If you want the classic album for a bargain I just spotted this on Google Play for 99p!

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That’s wrong! Something so great does not deserve to be so cheap.

Didn’t stop me buying it though :wink:

This week’s album is Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. Download for 99p:

Bridge Over Troubled Water just 99p this week

For some popularised prog - you might want to check out Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds for 99p

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I’ve not heard this album in years . I’m gonna go in search of it tonight in my cd collection . Thanks for the reminder John. :slight_smile:

Nice treat this week.
Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits for 99p

How does this work ? I get forwarded to a Google service sign-up option at 1 month free then £9.99 per month.

Forget my above post. Instead of following your link, i’ve just gone straight to Play site and found the ‘abum of the week’ from there.

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This week in Google Play… Led Zepplin - Led Zepplin for just 99p

I even doiuble-checked the link this time :wink:

I don’t like buying downloads (prefer a physical cd) and very rarely do, but this, as with Dire Straits ‘Brothers In Arms’ the other week, is difficult to resist at under £1.

This is the only exception I make to buying downloads as well.

Well, 99p albums and when Fish released Blind to the Beautiful of course! :smiley: