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Haltern Am See gig 14 Nov

Anyone know if this one is sold out? It’s not been available to purchase for ages and I can’t see to see if any tickets are available direct from the venue either?

Any info would be much appreciated !


Visit this page with information about the gig.

You can reserve tickets through the form on the ticket page on the site. It’s archaic but I’m sure it will work.

Thanks for the reply John!

I already tried that but it claims it’s sold out. Bit odd really as this was only one of a couple of gigs which didn’t have a direct link to buy tickets from the live gig section on Fish’s site.

Thanks anyway for taking the time to reply.

No problem. I’ll double-check that there are no more tickets and get the live listings sorted if that’s the case.

Unfortunately it sold out through the venue’s pre-orders. We’ve all only just found out today. :frowning:

Do not worry, it was cancelled anyway.

I flew from Stuttgart to Hamburg for the gig in Rendsburg yesterday.

Had a sad evening.

Get well soon derek and band.

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