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Help need album?

***strong text***Hi everyone.
Im new and thanks for a great site. :smile:

Im looking for a album from years ago , can´t remember name , but know that is´t was recorded on a farm…( if im told right!!)…It´s not many there know about exactly specialty that album…Anyone can tell me ?

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Hi Christina. Welcome!

…Not sure about the album. I’m sure one of the collectors on here will know the answer!

Is it a Fish Album or Marillion Album ??

“brave” has been recorded not in a farm but in a castle in France…is that the one you’re looking for ?

welcome btw :wink:


There’s a bit of a difference between a farm and castle!

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Could be The Funny Farm Project 93 if its a Fish album. On Dick Bros. Fish own label at the time. :smile:


Oh yeah. I’ve got that one! Can’t be anything else can it?

Correct Lawrie, think we need a definite who the artist is, Fish or Marillion as Remember although not an album as such but Fish’s first Demo with Marillion was recorded at Leyland Hill Farm, Gawcott.


got it too…was it recorded in a farm?


Yeah. Couldn’t you hear the pigs on backing vocals?


Hi everybody…Thanks for your reply…And yes its Funny Farm…:smile:…My best to you all…

Ciao Christina