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Can’t remember if a thread was ever created for this topic, but I’ve posted a few photos before of various things I’ve acquired for my antiquities collection. Something I really enjoy, as I’ve always been into my history. - I do have a few other hobbies though, so this thread isn’t just about collectibles. Feel free to share anything you like and enjoy filling your spare time with!

These are some of my latest additions…

Roman 2nd Century Bronze Decorated Appliqué

Viking (circa 700 AD) Rare Bronze Fibula, with intact pin

Viking (circa 10th Century AD) Silver Belt Mounts

Roman Solid Silver Antoninianus of Gordian the 3rd (who reigned 238-244)

This is my favourite recent piece. A Viking (7th-10th Century AD) Bronze Twisted Bracelet. - Amazes me to think that someone actually wore this over 1300 years ago!


Brilliant mate :+1:

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Fantastic Paul. all this kind of stuff.

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Do you have these on display or just in storage? Dumb question, but where do you buy stuff like this? Or do you take it from the local museum? :wink:

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I have a friend who owns and runs an ethnic arts and antiquities shop and have a couple of contacts through him who keep me posted on good or rare items. The majority of what comes onto the market is from several countries in Europe where restrictions and regulations on historical artefacts aren’t as strict. If some of these items were found in the UK, they’d be protected and probably end up in small museums, but they’re ten a penny on the continent, from archaeological digs and suchlike.

I also have a couple of Egyptian items (BC). Amazing to me, but so commonplace. A small carved scarab beetle and an ushabti. You can dig practically anywhere in Egypt and find these things.

All the things that he deals in are verified as being of period, and I’ve actually taken a few of them to a friend who runs a museum, just for a second and third opinion.

What I’m really on the lookout for are really old English or Scottish coins. Pre 1800’s, like an early Longshanks penny. Don’t think they’re that rare, but just haven’t had the opportunity to buy one yet.

And yeah, kind of have them all in a small display case, but looking for something more suitable, as I’ll be picking up a couple of Bronze Age arrowheads in the near future, which will need a bit more space to display.


Got myself an Elizabethan Shilling. 1580 :grin: I’ve seen 2p’s in worse condition.


Sorry if I’m boring you all with this! :laughing: This will be my last item for a while, with the exception of any good coins, but wanted to post this because it’s currently the oldest thing in my collection. A Bronze Age Small Hunting Spearhead from around 1200 BC. Made and used about 3218 years ago. It’s almost perfect, save for a small nick on one edge. The hunter must have been gutted when he lost this. - I could actually clean off the white chalk if I knew what I was doing, but this shows you what type of earth it was lying in when found. Probably a dry, hot country.


I enjoy cake decorating so much that it’s fair to say it falls into the hobby category too.
Shame I can’t live off it. For now anyway.

At 23, I initially came to Otley for 3 months to work for Trevor who had himself worked here in France at my dad’s bakery almost 40 years ago.
One month after I arrived in 1997, the girl in charge of decorating cakes left and so Trevor offered me her position. I had never decorated cakes before! And I ended up working there for 3 years.

I went to College straight away as a part time student while working full time at the cake shop.
A year later my teacher suggested I entered this live competition in Whitby.
It was one of the most nerve wracking experience of my life at the time but so exciting at the same time coz my dad had come over for the occasion with some friends, and also because Whitby was and still is a very, very special place to me.

And little did I know that some decades later, I’d be making Fish a cake :smile:

This one is for Anthony!

This one’s for Andy Baker :wink:

This one.too actually :laughing:

This is the one I delivered to that American bitch last week


Yes! Zaz, that’s a phenomenal talent you have. Amazing. - As I’ve said before, there are several independent Cake shops in my local town, and I often gaze in and think that yours are far far better! Seriously.

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Favourite is possibly the Russian palace!

You said “I can’t live of it” !!!

Why not ? Those are fantastic.


mine is the fifth one…but I don’t know why :laughing:



more seriously,it is amazing and fantastic Zaz !!!


One of my main.suppliers is in Warrington! They actually moved premises not long ago, still in Warrington.

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Such a great job you have done. I love the aircarft carrrier. And of course the cake for Fish.

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I have seen this one on FB this day. You know I love the tube!

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You have an amazing talent Zaz and are obviously very good with your hands.
You should be proud.
And charge more money :wink:


Stunning work and I bet they tasted great. Though you wouldn’t want to eat them given the phenomenal works of art that they are.:smile:


Is that a trophy they gave you, or did you just have your name inscribed on it?

I had my name on it and kept it for a year, then I had to hand it over for the following year’s competition, like the World cup :blush: