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How to post a YouTube Video (and maybe something else clever)

Probably one of the most difficult things to do on the old forum was post a YouTube video. Here were the instructions. Ouch! :x:

This is how you post a YouTube video now:

Yeah - that’s it. Just paste the link to a video on a line by itself. No tags - no picking bits out and then doing crazy stuff anymore:

Oh, and for a bonus, is that a really cool Tweet that Fish just posted?



Is there some way to add a YouTube tracker to this?

What kind of YouTube tracker?

like an automated feed like a Facebook ‘like’

So if someone likes a post here then it gets a like on YouTube?

No, probably confusing you, I rant so anything posted to a YouTube channel was duplicated here

You’ll just have to rant in more than one place :slight_smile:

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damn auto correct! Rant=Meant :slight_smile:

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It works!


OK, so Rab knows how to do it now… :wink:

Hey Geoff, have you any other vids or tracks in the pipeline?, really enjoyed those couple you put up on the old forum :slight_smile:

Hopefully quite soon Rab! We have been rehearsing for a couple of upcoming gigs so haven’t done much recording… then we will be into the “summer break” to an extent as we all work full-time and have kids.

No time to rock ‘n’ roll! :frowning:

As soon as they are available, you’ll know!