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I never received my purchase of MISPLACED CHILDHOOD (DELUXE) VINYL BOX SET

I am from Argentina and have not received my purchase yet, send several mails using the site form and they never answered me, does anyone have an email address where I can make the claim?
Thank you very much.

Hello to Argentina! Welcome to „The Union“! We hope you’ll enjoy the conversations here!

Please try this email address.

Thank you very much!

Have you got any replies?

Unfortunately I did not get an answer yet :cry:

Please give them some days. Have you send them your order number too?

If I send you all the info, I have written to them for a month and I still have no answers.

Thanks Ulrichs for asking !

don’t worry…the team will definitely resolve your issue :wink:


Have you send all the order details again during the last few days, when I have posted the email address?

Yes, I sent everything

I have posted Elspeth about your email to the shop. Let’s see how the shop will reply to you.

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Thank you very much!!

Elspeth answered me! thank you very much for your help!