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Islington Meetup

Continuing the discussion from The Moveable Feast Tour 2014:

I don’t have a clue - but I’ll be there. I might catch you for the “other lot” as well - situation pending :wink:

i lost my ticket after the rescheduled dates! If anyone know of a spare that would be great otherwise I’ll have to try one of those awful touts. Still have my Brighton ticket though.

I suggest The Angelic next to the O2 Academy Islington. As you know Simon, I loved last time!

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I’ll be heading up from Canterbury at around lunch time.

I’ll head towards The Angelic and catch up with anyone there. Look for my ugly mug or just send me a message if you want to meet up.

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Have fun, you’re in for a real treat John if Mondays gig is anything to go by :grinning:

By the way I’m liking the new black background, so much easier for a man with failing eyesight to read. :wink:

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Liverpool ahead!

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