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Kate Bush - Before the Dawn

Only 2 days to go and still no word on the ticket ??? HELLO JOHN :wink:

Here we are! Looking forward to a great gig with @Teddynonose, @Andyboy67 and @ulrichs. Oh, and Kate Bush too.


What can I say except “Wow”.

A musical and visual feast. I don’t want to give anything away in case anyone else is planning for see her, so I’ll just state “If that ain’t prog, I’ll eat my left arm.”


I think that was exactly what I said!

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It was rather good wasn’t it :wink:


It was! If I had words to describe, I’ll write it down here. TNN said on FB:

[quote=“TNN”]Wow. What a gig, I can’t remember being in an audience where there was so much love for an artist. Every song was applauded loudly with a standing ovation.
Kate Bush does what she wants. She still has a fantastic voice. Eccentric, uncompromising, theatrical and slightly mad…
Those hoping to hear back to back hits would have been disappointed. Instead we had songs mainly from two albums. Hounds of Love and Aerial all played, sung and acted brilliantly. The Ninth Wave was fantastic. Hairs on the back of my neck.
What will she do next???[/quote]

Unbelievable, amazing, breathtaking,…


I think that the key thing was that, in reflection, I found myself transfixed on what was going on in front of me.

My eyes were locked on the stage as the performance unfolded. I didn’t want to miss a beat.

Sometimes at a rock concert you just close your eyes and get into the music - but here the show demanded so much more. And if you let yourself focus and enjoy the performance - you were rewarded many times over.


One of the most pleasing moments for me was kates reaction to the crowds response after the opening song, she seemed genuinely taken aback, and also I’ve never heard anyone who says the word “Shit” sound so sexy !! :heart_eyes:as she described her band as being “Shit Hot” :wink::blush:


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