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Kate Bush - Before the Dawn

Surprised there hasn’t been any chatter on here about the queen of prog, I went on Saturday night and it has to be said that it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, by anyone.
It also occurred to me that parts of The Ninth wave sound very misplaced childhoodish.


Roll on the 19th September . I take it phones are banned ??

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I don’t know anything about Kate Bush…except “babooshka” or “don’t give up” with you know who :wink:

if you had to suggest an album for a start,which one would it be?

thanks guys :wink:



Hounds of Love for me

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Ditto … … … :wink:

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thanks for the replies :wink:


Yes, not a single one to be seen during the show.

Hounds has stuff on you will have heard along with the concept piece The Ninth Wave.
I love “the Dreaming” but it’s probably not the best place to start.

Director’s Cut probably isn’t a bad start either. Hounds of Love has some well known tracks and a prog piece though…

So Ninth Wave is in? I’d better brush up on my listening.

Can’t wait!

I must admit I was very surprised at the setlist, as I’ve read, so were a lot of others !!

I thought everyone knew that the ninth wave was in, Kate announced that early on when people were apparently upset by the promo image.

I’m making a big effort to no know what’s going on at all.

So you’ve actually spoiled it for me :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m going to get the internet police onto you.

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You’ll do well not knowing John, its all over the press !!

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Bah! Someone just told me some more stuff this weekend.

Not long to go!

John you need to take enough supplies and go and hide yourself away from the outside world for a wk and a bit :slight_smile:

I was speaking to someone at the weekend who went and they said it was an amazing experience , not just the music but the theatrical side of the show as well . :grinning:

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Apparently a couple of the gigs are to be filmed this week (16/17th) for a future dvd/cd release .

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Less than a week to go!

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Three dates are allegedly being filmed 16th 17th and 19th however there has been no official announcements all reports are based on a couple of emails allegedly sent by Eventim informing a couple of people they are being moved to other seats.
Lets hope it’s true though :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ll be filming it on the 19th , as I don’t poccess an Iphone I’m allowed !!!
Kate said she doesn’t mind singing to a Samsung Galaxy S :wink::wink::wink::smiley::smile::smiley:
Only joking of coarse, I hope people respect her wishes .

I think that she’s against recording because people are looking through screens on their phones.

Now, a selfie stick is a different matter altogether… :see_no_evil: