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Last night at the Phoenix

no one was more relieved than me at the end of last night. I admit at one point to getting quite emotional on stage and had to catch myself as the stress involved in the build up to thei UK leg has been tremendous. Tara and I had flown down in the morning so it was a long day and it showed at the end of the set when my voice was sarting to get tired on Blind to the Beautiful. I’d elected to drop Slainthe on this first run of 4 as there was no point in taking chances. and pushing the voice so early on in this 13 run. Making the finish line in full voice is more important than racking up long sets and it was still 2 hours on stage as I welcomed getting back to the English intros and the Phoenix was an intimate venue that drew me into the contact. The long warm up suggested all was well and although nervous at approaching a full set I knew by High Wood all would be ok.The suite got a brilliant reaction and despite the lay off the band were together and on song. It was a fantastic start to the UK tour and as I said at the end of the gig the perfect venue to begin the comeback. I was in bed in my bunk less than an hour after the bus left Exeter for Bristol wrapped up in my new fleece lounge pants and thermal vest that I’d got in Karlsruhe. A spoonful of manuka on my throat and 2 lozenges during the night that was nearly totally cocooned by the 3 Nytols I’d taken. I got up at 2.30 this afternoon and everything feels as normal as it could on a day after show. Long may it continue!