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Liverpool Show , the Circus takes to the road

Robin Boult in reception with new friend Smiling in Zoetermeer on a hotel day off before the first of 2 sold out shows at the Boorderij. We arrived after a long haul from Liverpool through lumps of fog in Belgium to a sunny Netherlands. Have to say that the sleep was intermittent as Simone and…

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Don’t quite know what to say about this gig yet. Found it one of the most emotional Fish gigs I’ve ever been to. Amazing to hear MC played in full. First time for me. An album that has meant so much to me for such a long time. - Didn’t actually notice some of the problems Fish was having, except when the stool was brought out. To be fair, I’d had a ‘couple’ of pints at that point. - Thankfully, as Fish has already said, the crowd was great and supportive throughout, singing at all the right moments!

  • Wish I could have got to another gig on the tour to meet up with the Company. :frowning: No hols left unfortunately. Makes getting away on weekends difficult!
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