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Lost the link to the UK Fan Club

Afternoon everybody, how do I go about joining the UK Fish fan club? I’ve searched the Fisheads Club and Shop pages, but can’t find it anywhere, I’m sure it used to be there - probably just me…

Thanks in advance


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Don’t think such a thing exists anymore.

Hi Paul, Fish has actually disbanded the Membership fees etc about 3yrs ago for the club, as he felt he could not provide a suitable service for the fee asked, although he did state that “The Company” name would still be intact and used as a Gratuitous Repayment to his loyal fans and followers, so to be exact “The Company” Lives on and always will do, if only in Name, but most importantly it will Live on forever in our Hearts and Minds Long after we have gone, such is this “Company of Friends” :slight_smile:


Ah, that explains it! Thought I hadn’t imagined it, cheers for your response :smile:


Very well put Rab!