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Lyric meanings from songs I have listened to for4 over 20 years

Some questions that I have had for the last 20 years or so.

On the song Punch and Judy, Fugazi 1984 we have the lyric, ‘compliments of unnatural size’. The grammar here is tricky, is he talking about excessive compliments or compiments on his ‘manhood’?

Second one is from Cinderella search, the line ’ exposing a bedside manner on a work extension’ Ireally would like to know what a ‘work extension’ is.

I’ve always taken “unnatural size” to be a compliment (that is no longer forthcoming) to the narrator’s manhood.
A “work extension” would be one’s phone line at one’s place of work, so the number you’d ask the receptionist/switchboard operator to put you through to speak to a particular person in the building.

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