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Marillion Weekend 2015

Anyone planning to go to one of the upcoming Marillion weekend events?

although I am what we could say a huge fan of Marillion(an anorak :stuck_out_tongue:) ,I’ve always thought that those weekends were really too expensive…so,I would love to go to one of these but I guess it won’t be for this time either :pensive:
the tickets have been sold so damn fast anyway :hushed:


Would looove to, but can’t.

Would also love to go to Lorelei, brilliant line up this year, but can’t commit :person_with_pouting_face:

Went in 2011 and 2013 but not this year.

2015 is probably one of the very last weekends they are going to do :disappointed_relieved:


Really ??? The band have stated before that they make quite a bit of money from the Weekends which provides the funding for new albums, promotions, toirs etc.

No more weekends, no more Marillion ?

I went to the Marillion weekend in Holland 2 years ago.
I went with Tony (Miles Zippo) and a bunch of others. 12 of us stayed in a house.
They all go to these Marillion weekends every time. I think that they are all going to this one coming up.

I was incredibly ill for most of the weekend so I dont have particularly good memories

It was on a holiday camp in the back of beyond. I didnt think it was very attractive especially not in winter.
It was bitterly cold and quite miserable.

Marillion music was being played 24/7 everywhere - in the bars and restaurants. Which became annoying.

Marillion played 3 different sets on all 3 nights and they were very impressive and on top form. Great sound and light show. They put a huge amount of effort into it

You see members of the band constantly over the weekend just mixing with everyone else.
There’s a good vibe but I would only do it once as it was a huge amount of effort and believe me its not the place to be if you feel like you are dying !

I much preferred the Fish convention in Leamington.


my point is that they are getting old so I don’t think they are going to do much more weekends…In fact,I think those weekend are not events anymore because they happen in a metronomic way every two years!

always the same concept:a whole album played on the first two nights and a surprise for the third one:we are going to have as always the live cd’s and the dvd’s of the 3 nights and the 3 weekends…I would much prefer to have a live recording after a tour than these live weekend releases

no misunderstanding:I will probably buy these releases (I’m an anorak :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) but I think the concept is dying from itself


I completely understand. I’ll be going this year (and thanks to @Mileszippo for helping to sort the tickets) - but ever since before Somewhere Else was released I’ve felt that Marillion is a marketing machine first and a band second. The number of releases of DVDs, CDs, various T-shirts, live downloads and just about anything else that can have the name ‘Marillion’ stamped on is almost obscene.

I went to the first two weekends. I had to bow out of the third as my mother-in-law became very ill a week before and I was needed at home so this is my first one for a while. But I certainly won’t be making a habit of it.

All that being said, I’m really looking forward to this one and enjoying some quality live music. I’m sure that the band wont disappoint and I’ll have a great time. I haven’t heard Marbles live in a single sitting before (I could take or leave live Anoraknophobia) so that’s great.

On a completely side note, at the very first Marillion weekend in Pontins I proposed to my wife. So those early ones have a very special place in my heart.


I’m guessing you didn’t go back to Pontins for your honeymoon? Sorry, I digress.

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you’ll tell us John!


We went to Lake Garda in Italy. It was magical.

Now, back on topic… :no_entry: :wink:

Hello John, Are you and Mileszippo going to Holland or in UK ?

We’re off to Holland.

Should be a great weekend with the bonus of going a day early so will have an evening in Amsterdam !

I’m sure you’ll make the most of that opportunity Tony !!! :joy::joy::joy::wink:

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see you there :blush: