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Mark Wilkinson Artwork

From his FB page…

I’ll be at the Bloodstock art gallery this Fri/Sat with the ‘Priest Wall’ which features 2 bespoke guitars designed by ‘Cynosure’ as well as a history of Judas Priest album covers framed on one wall. I’ll have copies of my Shadowplay book for sale too.

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Wasn’t sure where to post this but how good is that . :+1:


Name the albums?


I’ve ordered a print of FUGAZI that Mark W. posted to me on June 9th. He got the delivery address wrong so it is now probably lost somewhere, this is gonna take some time to get sorted out :pleading_face:
Nothing is straight forward at the moment anyway!
Nevertheless I’m looking forward to receiving it some day, I’ve wanted to have it so badly since I was a teenager!!!


ah mince !

Fait chier :angry:
Rien n’est simple en ce moment, ma clim qui me lache alors que Peugeot me l’a rechargée la semaine dernière, ils veulent rien entendre et me faire payer 120 balles pour une recherche de panne, mon lit pour qui chaque semaine on m’annonce 1 semaine de retard, mes stores 2 semaines, les artisans qui me mettent un coup dans mon robinet extérieur et du coup fuite, bref ras la casquette! Et tant que j’y suis, 6 semaines d’attente pour un robinet commandé chez Casto! Faut pas être préssé en ce moment lol

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La loi des séries…comme tu dis,fait chier !

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Unless “ah mince !” means something different in French ( ? ) I am loving your use of this Scottish phrase. Has a similar meaning to pure keech!

Funny you say that, “Mince” is the polite equivalent to “Merde” (Shit) !!

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Keech is one of many Scottish words that is equivalent to Merde.


Or shechter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Compresseur de clim flingué, j’attend le devis de mon mécano…