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Mark Wilkinson Playing Cards

From Mark Wilkinsons Fb page.

NEW box set of ’Masque’ cards. Cards printed on 310gsm linen-finish casino grade playing card material, die-cut with rounded corners, plastic coated which allows cards to fan out perfectly. Each box is signed.
All 54 faces feature individual images including artwork recently completed for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest as well as some ‘work in progress’ for Fish’s next album ‘Weltschmerz’
Price £15 (includes VAT) plus £2.95 p&p to UK addresses only. Please use this link to place orders from UK:
All overseas orders I will send out myself…please e’mail me with your address for p&p and payment details using the contact/info link on
I will be attending ‘PROG in The Park’ on Saturday: with these as well as books & prints for sale.


Saw Mark’s post yesterday on FB. This is on this week’s shopping list!!

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I’ve had a signed pack of these for a few years which are now a little worn. Perhaps i need a new set.

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nice !


I left mine behind inadvertendly when I left England in 2012.