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Midstock Festival THIS SATURDAY - Fratellis, Fish, etc. - Two tickets for sale

Due to a couple of people being unable to attend, I’ve got two spare tickets for this:
They were ‘earlybird’ tickets, so face value is £25 each.
I’d be happy to let someone on here have the pair for £40.


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If only your post was last week. I had got early bird tickets and then needed another for my son and ended up shelling out £40 for his. :smiley:

Hi Mik

I will take them


we got a kids ticket free of charge as hes under 13

Hi, the site says under 12s free. I was going to try and chance it but my son wouldnt pass for 12 now. He is only just 13 too.

“Rain on me…” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

See you there!

Looking fine (if cold for Fish) 1hr to go!

I hope you all had a great gig and look forward to some reviews :wink:

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Thanks Andy.

I had a great time last night. As Fish said on stage, ‘This is the lest ever time that Misplaced Childhood will be played in Britain under a sky.’ There was something poignant about this being in a place where he was born.

The set was essentially Pipeline and then Misplaced Childhood. The crowd really enjoyed it and there was a buzz as the sky turned dark early in the set.

I’m glad I made the journey there. It wasn’t a full Fish show, but it was something special indeed.

Now I just need to start the long journey home. I’m looking forward to seeing it again on tour.


I’m really looking forward to the December gigs as well, with sold out shows it’ll be a real buzz.
Hope you have a safe journey home John.


Just back from Midstock. A great wee festival with no pretensions. The bands on offer were eclectic and not to everyones liking, but Fatherson were more than decent and Volts ( AC/DC covers ) and The Flavours were good fun. The main draw was clearly Fish performing in his childhood playground of Dalkeith Country Park, a country estate on the edge of the town.

Showtime commenced with a song that has graced many of this summers festival shows ( those of us who have viewed the clips will know ) then it was straight into Misplaced Childhood. Fish and the boys wiped the floor with everything that had gone before them. People from all corners of the UK and Europe mingled with the locals. Tears streamed down faces, arms were thrown around shoulders and big smiles came out to play. We were all Market Square Heroes by the end of this shortened set.

Some of us were graced with witnessing something very special yesterday. The shows later in the year can`t come soon enough. :smile:


It was a great gig, looking forward to the big one, I missed the ACDC covers but hey ho, got Maidenscotland Bathgate to keep me going in the meantime :slight_smile: