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Misplaced Childhood 30 anniversary

Does anybody know if EMI is releasing a special edition of the album this year? So far I have seen nothing and I can’t believe that they don’t use the anniversary to do something special …

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It would be nice, but what else could be done after the already excellent and bonus-packed remaster? What extras would you like to see?

You are right, the remasters are great. They were done in 24 Bit and I like to get the album in that format:
24 Bit and 96 kHz. In addition a 5.1 mix would also be great.

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In terms of sound quality, I don’t think you can do anything else with it, but I’d love to see an accompanying book, with all the artwork, drafts, sketches, interviews with the band etc. Maybe a bonus dvd with any film footage of recording, singles videos, interviews from the time.