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More on cancelled shows

I know there are some very disappointed people out there just now and there are a lot of questions regarding replacement dates and “is this date on or off”

At the moment I have to deal with this on a daily basis as I don’t know if I will be recovered in time for this weekend. It’s incredibly frustrating for the band , the crew and the promoters as well as myself as I do not know how long this voice will take to recover.

It’s Monday and I am still hoarse but better than on Friday. I have 4 days to go to flights to Barcelona which are booked. If my voice is not recovered by Thursday then those tickets won’t be used.

Everything is up in the air at the moment. Sheffield and Bilston have not been canceled at this precise moment in time, Nice may be on… I don’t know. It all depends on my recovery and I am hoping in hopes that I am ready this weekend.

However I am not taking risks with this voice.

Again thank you sincerely for all your support on this and please bear with me as I try and get this voice and tour back on track.