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‘Moveable Feast Live in Europe 2013-2015’ – The tracklist Karlsruhe/ Wurzburg

Track list /credits Moveable Feast Karlsruhe, Substage 25th October 2013 CD1 Perfume River ( Dick, Vantsis) 10.46 Feast of Consequences (Dick Vantsis, Boult) 4.48 Script for a Jester’s Tear (Dick, Rothery, Kelly, Trewavas, Pointer) 9.54 Dark Star (Dick, Vantsis) 7.45 All Loved Up (Dick, Vantsis, Boult) 5.04 What Colour is God? (Dick, Wilson) 6.36…

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any released date ?..thank you :wink:


just wonder why there are only the cds 1 and 2 tracklist on the website?..what about cds 3 and 4 ?..unless these are the same gigs ?


The 2013 gig is disc 1 and 2 and the 2014 gig is disc 3 and 4 :wink:

Are these the same tracklists ?


This is my cd , and very good it is to, excellent sound quality :wink:


Thanks Andy…now it is clear :wink:
I’m listening to it right now


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Grt sounding album,very enjoyable!

Hurry up Santa.