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New home for "What are you listening to?"

Continuing the discussion from This new site - like or not?:

Following on from the post above I was wondering if the “What are you listening to?” topic should actually live in the Lounge category now rather than the Other Bands category?

I put it in there because it’s music related but it’s not really a discussion topic. What do you think? What do you think that non-regulars would think if they clicked on that topic?

Would love your opinions on this.

Personally I think it’s ok where it is John.
I like to discuss (sometimes) as to what people are listening to, or add a little something, whether it’s a recommendation or just a complimentary comment on the said piece of music .


I too also like it where it is John, as its one of the most popular, if not "The"Most popular topics, covering a wide range of musical tastes which we can all comment on or add info to.
Just seems right that it is in “other bands” category, as I wouldn’t say its a laid back topic for the lounge, albeit I do know where your coming from. :slight_smile:

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