New releases coming up

I don’t doubt he has honest and legitimate reasons for costing, and like he says, we aren’t being forced into a purchase, but I just wonder if he were to release signed album artwork at a much lower cost, and give his reasons for needing to recoup some money for the operation, he might make just as much as tacking his signature onto an already expensive album that didn’t need remastering.


I find it odd that he’s got the money to buy a croft in the Outer Hebrides but then hasn’t the money to spend on his health, so plans for the fans to effectively pay for his operation.

He’s basically said, without the op he won’t do his farewell tour, and without the extra sales on these autographed vinyls he can’t get the op.

A bit of emotional blackmail.

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Same thought crossed my mind.

The signed offer is a personalised message for those who want it, rather than being just signed “Fish.”

Needs short term capital ( knee ops. ) v purchase of Croft involves selling Spitalrig. Its not hard really. If somebody wants a personally signed item pay the additional £20. If somebody wants the standard item buy that. If you have the items already and are not interested in the remastered stuff then don`t buy it.

  • Realised I had written this as a direct reply to you Steve. It`s just a general comment not a direct response. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think on this occasion, I’ll opt for a 3 day break in Wales instead.


Or take an hrs trip up the road and join us for the Pendragon weekend in Morcombe Bay at the end of May :wink:

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Who’s going there? That’s tempting.

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Tony, Tom, Stu, Julian from London, Ulli and Silke , Isa and myself .
Should be a top weekend seeing a brilliant live band.
It would be great to see you again , its been a good few years since Leamington.

I second what Andy says. Get yer ass over there Paul! We haven’t seen you for ages!!! It’ll be a great week end :smile:
Tickets are 65£ for sat and sunday altogether.
There should still be plenty of accomodation available on

What’s the dates?

May 20th/21st . .

Seems impossible for me to get time off work for this now. Did enquire about the availability of that weekend, but it’s booked up and I always work Saturday and Sunday night now. Disappointing as I really like Pendragon.

Annoying, as I get almost 8 weeks of holidays a year now as I’ve been there for so long!

This is why I’m eager for dates when we can all meet on the final Fish tour as I’ll need things sorted well in advance.

That’s a shame! Ah well, next year then hopefully :relaxed:

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Peter Gabriel i/o released in December.

Info taken from his mailing list email received today…

We promised a little preview, and below you will find the cover of the album i/o .

We can confirm that the physical release will be available in December and you can expect more news on when, what and where, via this very mailing list, in the very near future. Don’t go anywhere!

The cover image is photo by Nadav Kander, and was taken during a photo session at Nadav’s London studio in December 2022.

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Brilliant. Cannot wait for this.

Also a box set containing everything above (release date for boxset is March 8th 2024)

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New Magnum Album ‘HERE COMES THE RAIN’ to be released 12.01.2024



New Lenny Kravitz album in March 2024

:star_struck: Don’t really need but gotta have! :smile:

On December 15 EELS will release EELS SO GOOD: ESSENTIAL EELS Vol. II 2007-2020 on CD & transparent green double 140 gram vinyl w/ 12 page booklet, including 5 tracks making their vinyl debut and 3 previously unreleased tracks (on both formats). See the tracklist and pre-order HERE. Man, that EELS good!