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Non existant Forum Private Messages?

Don’t know if anyone has PM me or experienced this, I have had 2 email notifications in the past weekfrom the Fishwebmaster, which is the used obviously for Pm notifications on here, yet when I have went to my PM there is no messages whatsoever, just wondering what if there is a Glich in system or someone is trying to hack into the forum or my account ???

Rab, if it was a PM notification you should see in the email who tried to send you a message.
Did you shared a link with an image on the forum ? In this case you recieve a warning and the image is automatically uploaded on the forum.
Maybe you can contact John ?

I had the same thing few days ago but I’ve erased the message


I dont really understand what happened to you Rab and Anthony.
Anyway strangely enough I received a PM 10 min ago, but didn’t receive a notification by email for it.
Don’t know if it’s linked to your issues.

Contact John?! You’d be lucky if he’d ever replied to you.

Hi Everyone. Thanks for your Replys, yes it is very mysterious, I actually think now someone is trying to hack into the forum or my account, or maybe its Spyware or something??

I even tried the old forum but nothing showing up in it either.

I have taken the photo below of the last email I recieved, as I have deleted the first one, needless to say I haven’t and will not click on any links shown in this email.

I would just like to ask everyone Not to use the link or Copy and paste this anywhere else in case of hackers etc…

I have now reported this and tagged it as a Phising scam on my PC.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Wow this looks really dodgy!

It seems coming from the old forum, isn’t it?

I second this. The e-mails from the new forum comes from

But please don’t click on the link, the link looks strange :open_mouth: !!!
It could be possible that someone is using the SMTP address of the webmaster of the old forum.

Troops get your weapons !!!


I don’t know if the old forum count well, but 556 guests in last 24h !!!

Ulli, is it a way to delete our accounts on the old forum ? I could not manage to do this, maybe we needed to request the admin for that, I don’t remember.

Sorry for the late reply. I have posted John the facts and he told me, he’ll take a look at the old forum. No response from John at the moment.

I have posted him about the Bots etc. We have to wait … :unamused:


@Mwelljester has John Reid replied to you at all yet about this?

I haven’t been in contact with John Zaz, think Ulli has though ?

Oh ok. Hopefully he’ll sort that out then!

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