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Official Downloads

I’m sorry if the information I’m after is elsewhere, please delete/move it if required.

In the many posts I’ve read by him, Fish has said about 2013 live recordings and remixed and remastered versions of his albums being available to download.

I’ve seen that Vigil and Exile are now available on iTunes, but I’ll wait for a “proper” release.

But where can I buy concert downloads?

I’d be grateful if anyone can help me.

Try The Fish shop. There are concert downloads including both nights of the the Leaming Spa convention. And they are soooo good. :smile:

I’ve got all of those.

It’s just Fish said he was going to issue a remix of one album and concerts from 2013.

You’re right! They are excellent! That’s why I want more!!!


I get ya! Yes, there are desk recordings and some of them are going to be making their way to the shop. Probably won’t be for a while now as the tour has taken over this back end of the year and now the start of the next.

Has anyone any idea if the current dates are being recorded for future download ?

I believe that they are.

I’m hoping that Cambridge 2013 and Norwich 2014 have been recorded!