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Parlay with Angels


Getting close to new Fish :grin:!


An EP is going to be released ?..will it be available on the Fish’s shop ?


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Think so. Read the post again Anthony. Next couple of weeks.:grinning:

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Strings for Waverley Steps on Egbert Derix’s FB:


Exciting times ahead:)

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Will there be a deluxe edition of the album ?


Teaser from ‘Little man What Now’



From Fish’s fb

‘A Parley with Angels’ - news and FAQ’s

all orders placed so far are in the post thanks to a very hardworking Simone and Elspeth here at the Studio.

I’ll have this on the merch desk on tour as well as available here

Just to deal with a few FAQ’s

This EP will not be available on vinyl but the 3 new tracks will be on the ‘Weltschmerz’ double CD scheduled for release in May 2018 and that will be released on vinyl.

‘A Parley with Angels’ will be available for download and on streaming sites from Friday.

The track list on the EP sleeve is wrong as we had to go to the printers with the sleeve artwork weeks before the audio recordings in order to make sure we had it for the tour. The sequence was changed after I told Mark Wilkinson the running order back in August. My fault sorry!

Track list on the disc is ‘Man With a Stick’, ‘Waverley Steps’. ‘Little Man What Now?’, ‘Circle Line’, State of Mind’. ‘Emperors Song’, Voyeur’ . The last 4 songs were recorded Live at Islington Assembly Rooms December 15th 2018.

The disc totals just over 54 minutes of music around 30 of which are taken up by the 3 brand new studio recordings.
We are playing those new songs on the forthcoming tour along with another ,‘C Song’. I called it an EP but it’s pretty much an album length disc.

The mail costs are higher than we expected because the package falls in to the ‘large envelope’ category with Royal Mail rather than the ‘small envelope’ which is a few mm’s narrower. Because most sorting offices are automatic the risks of getting hit by ‘overages’ and penalties or even having mail returned were not worth it.With that in mind I tried to keep the actual price of the EP as keen as we could to counter balance the postage costs.

All the proceeds from this disc will be funneled back into the next recording sessions in January, February and March. I chose this EP route as it gave fans something to hear before the European tour and the ability to fund the recordings without going down commercial funding methods nearly all of which take percentages and credit card charges.

I sincerely appreciate your support with ‘A Parley with Angels’ and ultimately it will be repaid as funds go towards the ‘real’ string players, saxophonists, horn players, percussionists and other assorted session musicians who as well as my core team.all play an important part in making the recordings special

For those who have bought the EP already I hope you like it and appreciate all the hard work the team has put in getting this to you. I think it’s special and I hope you do too. Again sincere thanks for being out there and helping me make music.

Take care stay alive and I’ll start seeing you on tour as of Saturday night :slight_smile:



Really looking forward to hearing this :grin:


Got mine today- 2nd listen and loving it.


I will get mine in Edinburgh on Saturday.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll be waiting on the post tomorrow then :crossed_fingers:

I won’t be holding my breath while waiting, it might take a few days until it arrives up here, although I chose the most expensive delivery option from the three alternatives.

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Loving the new recordings.
The live recordings are really good as well, excellent quality. :+1:
Sorry if I missed it, but whats the meaning behind the title of the EP ?

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I keep thinking it’s Party with Angels.

It is in my house at this very moment. Sometimes the Devils Tool ( Spotify ) comes in handy.:wink:.

Little Man What Now could be scored for a movie. Just brilliant.

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Was trying to hold out on the new stuff till the full album is released, but just gave in and listened to Little Man What Now on YouTube. Love it. Can’t quite believe this is the last hoorah. :cry:


Little Man Was fabulous last night at Leamington- Fish’s delivery was spellbinding