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People buy music?

Continuing the discussion from New releases coming up:

I think that all of those points are valid. We’re in a music culture where (IMO of course) music is devalued simply because of its accessibility and low value. There was a time when I would go and buy a CD. It would cost me over £10 and I would really listen to it. I’d make sure that I got the music and got my money’s worth.

As soon as you give something away - no matter how much it’s worth - you’ve devalued it. People look after things that they’ve bought or earned much more than those things that are freely given. That’s not just music. That’s pretty much anything.

Now, for new talent, the expectation is that an album is the marketing rather than the product. Why would anyone want to be a musician in that climate where they have to tour for at least 3/4 of the year just to hopefully get enough listens on Spofity to break even.

Meanwhile, the promoters, Spotify, Google and the rest rake it in as they take their slice from the middle. I know I’m old-fashioned and there are artists making a living from it OK. It just seems that new talent is completely marginalized by the big boys now.


I agree with all the points raised. Maybe it’s just me, but when/if I ever download music for free, I feel much less of a personal connection with the artist. I’m old fashioned in that I like to support the artist/band by purchasing a physical product. For me, downloading, whether it be free or otherwise feels so much more transitory and throwaway.

I just think it’s plain wrong that a piece of music or an album can be downloaded for free, when so much time, money and creativity has gone into producing it. Even if it’s part of a particular artist’s masterplan, it still sets a bad precedent in my eyes.