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Pink Floyd to release new album "The Endless River" in October 2014

I love the cover artwork :blush:

just quote:

"Pink Floyd album The Endless River has become the most pre-ordered Amazon title of 2014 – and it’s on course to take the all-time record.

The band’s first release since 1993’s The Division Bell is a tribute to late keyboardist Rick Wright and it’ll be launched on November 10. There’s still time for it to overtake One Direction, Robbie Williams and Take That in the retailer’s historical chart.

Meanwhile, frontman David Gilmour has admitted wife Polly Samson’s lyrics for Louder Than Words – the final track on what he says will be their final album – addresses the dysfunction that plagued the band throughout their career.

He tells Absolute Radio: “She’s describing the slightly dysfunctional human relationships that we have within Pink Floyd and how a lot of the time we don’t communicate that well. We’re not that good at talking to each other – but when we play our instruments together, there’s a communication that speaks louder than words.”"


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Haven’t pre-ordered Endless River. I want to hear it before I grab it.

I love what Gilmour says about communication. I think that we can all be guilty of being bad at communicating well with other people sometimes - but the idea that they all suddenly gel when they play together - wonderful.

Well on first listens, if you like Pink Floyd you’ll like this, although it’s mainly instrumental with the exception of a few spoken pieces and the last song on the album (see the "What did you Youtube today thread) it flows beautifully .
I can imagine some people won’t agree, but if you’re in the right frame of mind, I’d recommend listening to it - in a darkened room, candles on and a nice bottle of vino and you won’t go far wrong . :wink::wine_glass::wine_glass:7/10

I’d need this right now while I’m having a hot bath then!

For once I’m not in a hurry to listen to a new album. Don’t feel very excited, just a little bit.
I’ll give it a try later, eventually.

Planned to buy the cd/bluray on release but due to a lack of funds it’s gone onto my xmas wish list.

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A good plan >;-) !

I’ve had a bit of a shit week so the wife surprised me today with the cd/bluray edition.


What’s the verdict on this then? Is it worth purchasing, or does it actually feel like an album of rejected Division Bell material?

Yes on both counts Paul, for me I like to play it as not so much a concentrated listen but as a sort of background music when I’m busy doing other things if you understand .
Its also nice to chill out and unwind, especially driving home in the dark after a stressful day at work :wink:

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I’ll probably buy it then if it relieves a bit of tension after work. Still think it’s a bit sad that we’re talking about Floyd as being background music.


It’s just a shame there isn’t a few more tracks with vocals, I’ve never really been a big fan of instrumentals :confused: