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Pretender or Copyright??

From Fish’s Fb page just now.

You may have noticed there are dates going up for another artist who is calling himself ‘Fish’ on the website. It’s being fed onto my website by #Bandsintown amongst other sites. Today an Antwerp gig was announced and last week it was Moscow. I have tried contacting this artist and have contacted #bandsintown to get him to cease and desist and change his name to something other than just ‘Fish’.

Obviously I have been using this name since 1982 and it’s well registered over the years. I am also registered on Equity and the MU as Fish. Even ‘Phish’ in America were respectful and acknowledged I was using this name professionally and changed theirs.

I have sent e mails to venues, to Bandcamp and others to no avail and don’t have a contact for this artist. If anyone can help please send me details of either the person or his management so I can take appropriate action.

So far #bandsintown haven’t shown any interest and they say it’s my problem not theirs. They seem happy to let this confusion to continue and although this particular ‘Fish’ doesn’t register many gigs the ones that do are irrittating.

The attitude of these companies is unbelievable.

Hope to god I’m not going to Lemmers to watch some drag artist belt out show tunes.


Something to keep my eyes on in future ticket buying

And there is thought dressing up in women’s clothes would be your thing too having had previous experience :wink:

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Haven’t had the urge since you borrowed my clobber and never gave it back. God knows what yer up to on a Saturday night!

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Distinctly remember giving you it back for Xmas fancy dress party in your local red light area :wink:

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