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Problem after order on the shop

Hi everyone,
I hope this is at the right place on the forum…
I ordered A Feast of Consequences on the shop on Saturday for a delivery in France, but there was apparently a huge problem as the company in charge of the delivery had contacts details linked to my parcel number which are not correct at all (and related to another order which is not mine).

They told me to contact the shop directly, which I did but I couldn’t reach them on the phone and still have no reply to my email. But my account got debited with the amount of the order.

Do you guys know if that was just a mistake and it’s still too early to receive the parcel (how long do it take usually to be delivered in the EU?), or if it should be there by now (4-5 days), or anything I can do to solve this as the money was taken off my account…?

Thanks very much in advance

I would be surprised if an order placed on Saturday would have reached you yet. Also given the time of year and the increased demands on delivery / postal services too may mean things take a little longer.
I dont know if the Shop / Office will have closed yet for Christmas holidays? I would think there will be information re. holiday closure / re-opening times somewhere on the site. I`m sure things will be sorted out for you eventually.

The shop got back to me eventually :wink:
Most probably with Christmas coming yes, I was just checking as I don’t really know how long it can take normally, but hopefully the information problem will be sorted out as well :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer


It takes usually one week for France, at least. Sometimes the parcels stay a few days in Paris.
Just wait a few days more.
And if there is any problem, I’m sure all will be sorted out. Don’t worry.

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