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Question about remasters box sets


I can’t find anymore the information I got from somewhere in January 2015. There were posting about 2 box sets. First might include releases of Sunsets On Empire,Raingods With Zippos, Fellini Days and Field Of Crows and the second remasters of Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors, Internal Exile, Suits and Songs From The Mirror.
Now there are those separate super-cool releases of remasters but what happened to those box-sets? Did I only dreamed about these (it happens to me…) or were the release plans changed from box sets to separate releases? I can’t find the post about box sets anymore, anyway I sent an e-mail to my friend about these at 21.01.2015. Could you share some light on this, please, anybody?

They are called boxsets but they sturdy digi packs with 3 CDs and extensive sleeve notes.
The quality is superb throughout and well worth picking up…so far I have sunsets/rain gods and Fellini days.


Well i have a number of box sets or some say deluxe or super deluxe editions of classic albums, from what i understand
over the next few weeks will see a number of “Fish” reissues which will include the original albums plus perhaps a live
concert on disc 2 and for the 3rd disc may also involve once again the original disc and some rare outakes, demos, extended cuts or a 5.1 surround sound mix, at the moment i understand 9 albums will get a full remaster/remix plus bonus
material & extra sleeve notes so far 2 albums have already been completed.

Somebody know when the field of Crows remaster will be released?