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Regarding Reunions

After reading about Genesis, it really got me thinking on the subject of reunions. Not just those bands I would like to see reform, but more about WHY we all seem to love reunions so much. It’s a very emotive thing, seeing an original line-up performing the music you grew up with. - No matter how good and talented the musicians and singers are that fill the void of original members, they never seem to entirely recreate the exact sound and atmosphere that made them special to you. - Case in point would be Fish on recent tours when playing Marillion material. Fantastic musicians one and all, and no offence to any of them, but I’ve not been able to help myself thinking how much more emotive and powerful certain tracks would be, had Mark Kelly been playing keyboards, or with Steve on guitar. - There is special magic that can’t be recreated with different personnel.

Of course, some bands have changes forced upon them with untimely deaths, and it’s a sad fact that many reunions are no longer possible for some of the groups that I love.

Any thoughts on reunions you would love to see, or even why we seem to have this fixation with reliving the moment and seeing a band as it was always meant to be?

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We all long to recapture those original moments from years gone by which explains why we enjoy reunions.

Just wish it was as simple of just getting together and carrying on where they left off.

I fear we will never see/hear the main reunion we all dream of ? :confused:

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Those glory days of Kagagoogoo are long gone I’m afraid.


Saw them a couple of years ago at Hobble On The Cobbles in Aylesbury, they weren’t great.

Mind you, they weren’t great in the 80’s either!!



I guess we’ll have to think of another band that were around in the 80’s that might be topical…

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I’d love to see a Rush reunion - oh those glory days of 1975…

Er… hang on! :smile:

Ten years ago, I would have loved to see the original Kinks reunite, but as much as it pains me to say it, both Ray and Dave’s best days are most definitely behind them and sadly Pete Quaife is no longer with us.

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Agree with you there. Ray`s Storyteller show is perhaps where things should have ended.

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Those reunion things can be fun. Loved Carter USM in the early 90’s and their rare gigs over the last couple of years have been so much bloody fun…

Would Love to see a Zeppelin Reunion with Jason Bonham on drums again, but sadly I don’t think this will happen with regards to recent media activity on the subject by way of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.
Robert Plant has a lot of Stuff going on solo wise not to mention the high profile status of his Band given their Brilliant Performance at Glastonbury, While Jimmy has been pushing for a Reunion, he has also been working on the Newly Released Led Zeppelin Remasters and Outakes.
While Jimmy has probably most of our wishes at heart regards a Reunion, I just think Robert is just too busy now and following his solo success.
Whatever Happens or what they Decide in the Future I wish them all the best in their solo projects and together as a Band, I still live in hope though… :wink:

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