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Scottish Independence

Can’t believe no one has mentioned Scottish independence on here yet.

…Oh, see what I did there?!

It’s getting quite exciting! Only a few days to go and we find out if I need a passport to visit the Borders!

I think that we all know Fish’s stance from his blog post and a certain music video :wink:

Personally, I’m conflicted. I’m half-Scottish but also live at the opposite end of Britain (and embarrassingly where Nigel Farage has decided to run for a parliament seat). I’d like Scotland to keep in purely as a “Status Quo” decision. I’m not anti-Scottish but I’ve never really put much thought to it. It always surprises me when some people say that the English are.

But I do believe that it is the right of the Scottish people to decide if they want to be independent or not. My only worry is how independence will affect all of the countries in the UK - and no matter how much speculation you see on the news and from those that apparently “know” - this is just a big unknown.


A bit non-plussed one way or the other, but I secretly want a NO vote, on the basis that I can’t stand Alex Salmond. Think he’s a smarmy get, but I suppose you could say that of all politicians.

I agree that Scots should certainly have the right to vote one way or the other, but I also think that should they vote YES, it should be a complete break, including currency. You cannot have the best of both worlds and pick and choose which parts of the UK you want to keep. - We should also send an army of bulldozers up to the border and physically separate Scotland from the rest of the UK, casting it adrift. :wink:

On Mock the Week last night they suggested using fracking along to border to see how it goes :smile:

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We could send Nick Knowles up there to help rebuild Hadrian’s Wall.

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I think, on reflection, that a narrow “no” vote would be the “best” option.

Many Scots seem to favour their hearts in voting Yes, but it just seems to me that there are too many unknowns in the future of an independent Scotland - mostly (but not exclusively) financial.

Although I find the prospect of an independent Scotland exciting, I can’t help thinking of the old “marry in haste, repent at leisure” analogy - which equally applies to divorce, I guess.

As a resident of the north east of England and an owner of a holiday home in Scotland, this will affect me greatly and I have watched the campaigns with growing interest (and disappointment).

I love Scotland, and genuinely want what is best for the country. I’m not sure that Alex Salmond can say the same…


at least,William Wallace would have been very happy about this vote:no?.. :flags:


Interessting news from Fish!

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