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Seeking tickets for London

Hi All,

I couldn’t get along for Moveable Feast dates and was also out of action for a bit when the new dates came out and now London is sold out. I’d also like to take one or both my nephews along if at all possible so I could use 2 or 3 tickets if I shod be so lucky as to find any on offer.

I am able to pay face value plus booking and postage costs etc. I desperately want to go but I won’t go to the secondary market, it is just wrong. But what I could do and in the spirit of fanship is that I would be able to offer a lift to London and back from north Kent. In fact if I get to go I am happy to fill any spare seats with a ride up.

Regards all,
Mr Smith

Take a look here (FB page). 4 tickets for sale.

I’ve got two for islington end of april -