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Sell my collection of Fish live vhs-tapes

Hello all!

I put on sale my vhs-tapes. In my collection a few very rare fanclub-titles!

  • Krakow (Electric set, 24-10-1995)
  • Krakow (Acoustic set, 27-10-1995)
  • Vredenburg, Utrecht (17-3-1993)/Bospop Festival, Weert (21-6-1992)
  • Rheinkultur Festival, Bonn (25-6-1994)/Miners Social Club, Dalkeith (18-3-1992)
  • Przemysl, Poland (10-10-1997)
  • A Live Exile (Milan, 5-3-1990)
  • Songs For The Company (Rheinberg, 30-10-1993)
  • Duisburg (10 Years Solo Anniversary) (Duisburg Homberg, 29-8-1998)


Are you still selling any of these?

kind regards

Hi Michal,

Job only ever posted once last August and joined on the same day…he hasn’t been on the Forum since, so we wouldn’t know. Maybe send him a PM see if he can reply to you!

All the best!

Hi Zazabi,

Thanks for the support. I am not sure if I am able to sent the PM… Or at least I am not sure how to do it.
Anyway, maybe Job will get an email to check. Let us see.
kind regards

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To send a PM, click on the circle with J (Avatar) and then “Message”

Hi Michal, yes, I still have the tapes. When you are interested, please make an offer and let me know where you live, so I can sort out what the shipping costs are.


Job, The Netherlands

Many thanks Job,

I am not sure why I do not see PM option anywhere. I also checked settings and I do not think this is disabled…
I live in Poland, Gdansk.
I would be interested in 5 of them: * Vredenburg, Utrecht (17-3-1993)/Bospop Festival, Weert (21-6-1992), * Rheinkultur Festival, Bonn (25-6-1994)/Miners Social Club, Dalkeith (18-3-1992), * A Live Exile (Milan, 5-3-1990), * Songs For The Company (Rheinberg, 30-10-1993), * Duisburg (10 Years Solo Anniversary) (Duisburg Homberg, 29-8-1998)
kind regards

Hi Michal,

I will sell you the 5 titles for € 35,-
When I’ll send you the package with the titles you named, the shipping costs are € 18,50 with track and trace or € 12,- without track and trace.

Please let me know your choice of shipment and I’ll let you know how to pay.

Regards, Job

Dear Zazabi

I think I can not write any PM as long as I will not receive a basic badge.
Do you know how can I be granted this?


Hi Job,

I would go for the tracked option. So 53,5 EUR? Could you let me know the condition. I understand these are fan club releases and to be honest I am not aware o their quality both of the recording and the actual copy.

kind regards

Hi Michal!!

To be honest I have no idea, are you sure that once you click on my Avatar for instance, you don’t end up on my profile where there’s a blue rectangular box that says Message?

Maybe Job can send you a private message when he sees this :wink: