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Skin Shedding in Banjo Catfish

Hello Guys,

I’ve read before that Banjo Catfish do shed their skin from time to time, so I wasn’t totally freaked out when I started noticing bits of skin floating about in my tank after bringing home one of these little guys.
I was a bit freaked out today, though, when my Banjo looked like he was suffocating. He was panting heavily and was acting like he couldn’t get enough water flow through his mouth and gills. I was just beginning to wonder if I should try moving him when he suddenly had a complete spazz-attack, and darted off, leaving behind a HUGE chunk of shed skin from his head and face. He spent a few minutes laying around panting heavily before he calmed down and buried himself again. I think he might have had the skin stuck in his mouth or gills and it was preventing him from breathing correctly.
Is it normal for these guys to shed like that?

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Hi Shawn,

I don’t think you’re on the right Fish forum mate!
“Our” Fish relates to our Scottish singer from Marillion lol.

Good luck with your Fish though! :grin:

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