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Spine-tingling Pseudo Silk Kimono by Fish & Egbert Derix

Some of you may know that Egbert Derix, who collaborated with Fish on A Feast of Consequences to provides some of the string sections also has an album out inspired by Marillion called ‘Paintings in a Minor Lila’.

One of my favourite tracks from this is his version of Pseudo Silk Kimono which I absolutely love. Fish provided the vocal and I think it works brilliantly.

He has it on SoundCloud for listening - so I thought I’d share it for you here in case you might not have heard it before :wink:


Pure poetry. Absolutely beautiful.


thanks for sharing :wink:

Excellent stuff thanks John, hopefully all these different Curves :wink: and Mixes will eventually be available on cd or bonus disc at sometime in the Future :smile:

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I’ve got the CD and it’s very enjoyable. You can buy it direct from ED (and I’m sure that we all encourage buying diect from the artist here :wink: ) - but in case you want a listen first try Spotify

Buy from Egbert Derix


Oh my. I’ve just been blown away by this. Had a tear or 2 in my eye whilst listening to this (not a good look when I’m at work). That voice…I could listen forever…just wow. Thank you so much for sharing


Thanks John I really enjoyed that :smiley: . Listening to it you just expect it to flow into Kayleigh, or was that just me !!? :wink:

Just received the album from Egbert this morning. I started listening to it on the way to work and was suitably mellowed out by the time I got there - well worth a listen

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Thanks for all the kind words! As some of you know my album ‘Paintings in Minor Lila’ is available through my website You can read a nice review here:
All the best, from The Netherlands


I have just listened to this for the 1st time and it is an absolutely stunning interpretation of Pseudo Silk Kimono.