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Starting Gate Milton Keynes & Misplaced Childhood Tour 2015

First saw Marillion in the early 80’s. Walked into the ladies toilets in the Starting Gate Pub in Central Milton Keynes to find some bloke painting a Union Jack on some other blokes face!! Later found out that was the band!! Excellent gig, Both been fans ever since, Saw you loads at Aylesbury, Hammersmith, etc, etc. Very disappointed not to be able to get tickets for Islington or Birmingham Town Hall. More gigs please Fish?? Return to Aylesbury/MK??

Martin & Caroline


If not more dates, this tour should end with a Convention. A chance for us all to celebrate such a fantastic album that has been a part of all our lives for so long!


Thinking he might Start his Farewell Tour Next year with a Convention, would be Great if he could Finish it in Edinburgh.