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Steve Rothery gig

Just reading on forum that Steve Rothery played all of the following Fish-era songs at his solo show on the weekend (with Martin Jakubski from StillMarillion on vocals) :-

Slainthe Mhath
Cinderella Search
Misplaced Childhood - side 1

The above combined with his solo album material sounds like a good night out. I keep meaning to catch StillMarillion but as yet haven’t done so.

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He did, indeed, play those Fish-era songs. The first half of the show was his solo stuff, which is all instrumental and very good if you like that sort of thing. The second half consisted of the songs you mentioned and a couple of Hogarth-era ones (neither of which I was personally familiar with, but seemed OK).
It was a good gig. I only went because a friend (who’s much more of a post-Fish Marillion fan than I) had tickets, but I enjoyed it. Jakubski has a good voice, and (thankfully) doesn’t try any ‘impersonations’. StillMarillion are worth checking out, if maybe only as a one-off - having a good old singalong to just Fish-era Marillion makes for a fun evening.


Steve Rothery has apparently posted on Facebook (and confirmed on forum by Forgotton Son - Stillmarillion and Steve Rothery vocalist) that for his Milton Keynes gig the band will be playing the whole Misplaced Childhood album.