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Steven Wilson - The Future Bites

Out on the 12th June 2020

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The website did have a countdown clock which gave the impression that another song from the album was going to be released today but it disappeared over the weekend.

Yep…I think it was for the video above

I would’ve preferred a second song :flushed:

Do you like the first one Zaz ?

I don’t know myself !

I do actually! I’m looking forward to hear what he’s got in store for us. I wasn’t impressed with To the Bone.

No, the 1:23 minute one above was available about a month ago. Personal Shopper followed that one, and the countdown clock was for something new today - which hasn’t arrived.

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The release date could be postponed to 2021 :roll_eyes:

Someone posted this on Marillion forum

" A new track ( King Ghost ) from The Future Bites was briefly out there today, although it wasn’t put there by Wilson’s camp.

The TFB website countdown, which disappeared a few days ago, was to hit zero at 8 AM New York time this morning (1 PM London time, I think), and apparently the track was briefly available through Amazon music and iTunes, some fans who’d pre-ordered actually automatically downloaded copies, and one posted it on YouTube. I didn’t get to hear it, and I assume from the lack of comment in these quarters that no one here has either.

My guess is that the virus-related supply chain issues have delayed the album’s release, as well as promotional steps such as release of this track, but they aren’t ready to select and announce a new date, so we haven’t heard anything."

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Heard “King Ghost”…very very odd !

I tried to find it yesterday but seems that links are being taken down due to ‘copyright’.

The lyrics of “King Ghost”


Will you help me get out my thoughts?
Will you help me find the transitions I forgot?
Can you be me for a moment?
Yeah, live inside me
See the world, the way it always looks to me

When you’re moving through a photograph
You’re faster than most, you bloody king ghost
You’re kind of wasted
and I wish I waited for you, to come too.

King ghost hold me, I promise you only memories.

(Spoken words)

You see? that’s what I’m talking about
You can wash away dirt, but you can’t wash away the failure
You better take your meds,
get out the bed and pay me some attention.

King ghost hold me, I promise you only memories.

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And the tracklist of the album

Only 38 minutes of music…

The release date is postponed “From FB page”

As with many of my albums, The Future Bites is not just about the music, it’s a high concept project which involves design, artwork, video and a tour production, all on a grander scale than anything I’ve attempted before. However, due to the pandemic, there are unprecedented challenges, ranging from manufacturing issues (particularly in relation to the elaborate deluxe edition) and the uncertainty facing record stores as the coronavirus forces them to close their doors, to being unable to shoot most of the video material I planned.
It’s therefore with a very heavy heart that I reluctantly need to postpone the release of The Future Bites until such time everything can happen as intended.
This will now be January next year, with new music and video starting to be issued again around October.
In the meantime the pre-order page for the various editions of the album will remain online, although I plan to take the deluxe edition off the site some time before it completely sells out, in order to give fans simply not in a position to purchase at the moment a chance to get it nearer the time. Meanwhile, myself, management, agent and promoters are monitoring the situation regarding the live shows scheduled for this autumn. Should events change we will let everyone know as soon as we do.
I understand that this may be disappointing news, and to no one more that myself, believe me. I worked on the music and background of this project for the last two years and was thrilled to finally be able to launch it. The response to the Personal Shopper track released last month has been phenomenal, and I was looking forward to unveiling more over the next few months in the build up to the release of the album. But alas due to the current circumstances it was not to be.
I sincerely send everyone reading this a message of good health, and I hope that one day in the not too distant future we can once again focus on things like music, which even if it isn’t strictly essential seems to somehow make life more worthwhile.
SW x"

Was just about to post this when my internet went into a black hole for 3 minutes!

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Wilson says: “I thought it would be fun to make available stems for my recent single Personal Shopper. The track seems to lend itself well to remixing, in fact there are already some interesting versions on YouTube – check out the Nine Inch Nails/Personal Shopper mash-up.

“You can do a mix just for your own entertainment, but I’d also love it if you upload for me to listen to. All you need to do is register via the The Future Bites website to get a download link for the stems. You can then submit your mix any time over the next month by filling out the form on the website and providing a Soundcloud link to your track.

“Once the closing date has passed I will choose my favourites and feature them on my Soundcloud page.”

The September Gig at Le Zénith in Paris is cancelled (not even postponed but simply cancelled)

There’s a bloke on YouTube unboxing a £10,000 box set. WTF?! Who in their right mind?