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StillMarillion and Mr.Punch - November UK Party

Hi Folks!!

Very very delighted to be back in UK, really happy to be part of marillion lovers :slight_smile:

Here is a little reminder (a little promotion as well ;)) for this coming week end 17/18/19; there will be a Marillion UK Party, a friend of us calls it Misplaced Straw
the two bands will play two Marillion era Fish albums

Still Marillion - Clutching at Straw tour (and surprise from other albums)

18/11/2017 - Tropic at Ruislip, NW London
19/11/2017 - The Robin 2 Bilston

Mr. Punch - Misplaced Childhood tour (and a little surprise from Clutching at Straws)

17/11/2017 - Music at Northcourt, Abingdon
18/11/2017 - The Musician, Leicester
19/11/2017 - The Ferry, Glasgow

StillMarillion performs Script for a Jester’s Tear -

Mr.Punch performs Chelsea Monday -
(this is a private from list of a magazine they told me don’t publish elsewhere 'till december… just here) - hope you’ll like it

Hope to see you
Slàinte Mhath


Have Mr Punch got a date for London next year

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Thank you for answer :blush: :blush:
I hope to annouce as soon as possible for London … keep my finger crossed

A friends from background magazine did the teaser really happy about this

Hoping Mr Punch return to the Robin in 2019 , I know it’s booked with another Marillion tribute when you are back in 2018

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Thank you!!
I’ll hope either, and The robin 2 owner as well!! :slight_smile:
I’m totally anglophile, I’m very very happy to play in UK… I can’t wait to leave this night, I’m so excited that I do the English night driving round :joy:

See you soon
thank you!!

finally the video is public


Hi thank you!

I wish to say thank you to everyone who came to our gigs in these days! and to everyone who support us :slight_smile:

It was a wonderful weekend, the warmest I could dream!
(as who knows me I’m totally anglophile and playing in UK is already a dream)

I hope to see you in may and again in november 2018

Thank you again!
with our version of one of my favourite -



Had a fabulous night at The Musician Thank you!!