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Stirling, Tollbooth

2 pic’s posted on Fb complete with backing singer?
Sure I remembered her name getting mentioned but can’t remember who she is ?

Is it Doris Grendel ?? :wink:


:wink: I wouldn’t have thought so ? I know she’s supporting act but not backing singer

I thought i’d read that Doris was doing backing vocals. Could be wrong - can’t seem to find the article now.

That first pic. She looks like a tiny person playing Robin’s guitar.

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It’s on the Aug 1st post Dec lineup- Doris is backing singer on all dates

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Wow that’s a new one, can’t remember the support act singer doing backing vocals for the headliners before? Or maybe its my age lol… :thinking: :laughing:

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In that case i’m surprised she’s not the support for the full tour.

I’m going to the Cardiff gig on Tuesday where Lazuli are the support.


Probably a bit of ‘you do me a favour, i’ll do you one in return’, as in “you be my backing singer, and i’ll give your band publicity with a support slot on my tour”

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And maybe a good question for a quiz night as well ?

I remember Wes being support on the Raingods tour