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Studio And Live Albums Reviews

thought it would be great to read some reviews… and to compile what we find :wink:

here is a website I found…I don’t know if you know it but if you don’t,here is a link


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Tony who used to be on the old forum, writes reviews on this site .
It’s a very good source of information for prog music. :wink::smiley:

Can’t watch Brian Pern without thinking of Tony…

…Anyway, good idea for a thread. A pity some of those reviews compiled on the old Forum can’t be transferred across. I wrote one for 13th Star, which I think is still on there! :smiley:




Tony on the lash in Glasgow :wink:

Separated at birth :joy::joy:

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Top bloke, and to stay on-thread, I seem to remember he wrote an excellent review for Feast. A link would be cool if anyone has it.


In the current issue of Classic Rock Magazine there is a brief review of the recent Remasters;

Sunsets On Empire - 6/10
Raingods With Zippos - 8/10
Fellini Days - 7/10

Not sure what to think. Reviews are a subjective thing. Surprised at the relatively low score for Sunsets, the one that sounds the best overall IMHO.

Are they reviewing the remaster quality and extras, or the actual album? - Like you say Lawrie, all a matter of taste, but to me Sunsets is the strongest album of those three!


Don`t say anything about the quality of the whole package, more a comment on the albums.

The remasters in my opinion are great if you don’t have all the live releases etc from the archives etc…
As a collector I will be getting every one,the sleeve notes are worth the price alone…To my ears they all sound better,especially Raingods:)

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