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"Suits" & "Songs from the Mirror" Remasters and more

From Fish’s Fb page just now…

Dave Barras and Scott McKay have nearly finished the ‘Songs From The Mirror’ documentary DVD. The interview about the song selection and the tour last about 90 mins and I’m adding some bonus material . My good friend Henk Tempelman sent me some rough juddery 2 camera footage from the Vredenburg 93 gig to which we’ve added the ‘Sushi’ audio. It’s very much bootleg standard and not suitable for broadcast but the 5 cover songs are a nice ‘souvenir’ of the times as I’m not aware of any other footage from that period.

Robin and Steve are up working on the keys of the December UK setlist and we are doing some writing together for the ‘Weltschmertz’ album over the next few days. I let them see the first edit of the documentary this afternoon during a break and they were in stitches at the tour anecdotes. Bodes well:-)

David asked me for a couple of shots of me as a teenager and I came across this from I think around 1977 when I was about 19 years old.It was my first photo shoot which I seem to remember was an ‘extension’ of a passport photo session and something my girlfriend wanted at the time. It’s not a wig :slight_smile:

The ‘SFTM’ and ‘Suits’ remasters are bang on schedule for release mid November and you can get more details on those and the new merchandise including the new T shirts at in the coming weeks