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The Crows Fly - The new remaster is here! Update and some answers to FAQ's

As you’d expect the preorders for ‘Field of Crows’ ,’Moveable Feast’ and the t shirt offer with the remasters have proved highly popular. The mail order service has been inundated with orders and as such we are running out of some sizes in some designs. Because the automatic stock counters on the service are taking…

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I was gonna offer you a fiver for the spare Hibs dvd Big Man !! :wink:
Just a question, are the Christmas cards available with the live Cds or just the remaster ?

Loving the remix of Crows - sounds much more 3-dimensional and crisp than the original.

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I received a xmas card but you’re more than welcome to it if you’d like.

Many thanks Steve, but I got one sent with The Movable Feast cd :wink:

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