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The last gig you went to

Not a gig per se:

The wife and I had a blast. It was great fun seeing a live version of the kids classic TV show :slight_smile:


I have a few friends who went to watch this! They said it was excellent. - Of course, I’m too young to remember the programme. :wink:


The Eagles at the O2, 16th June.

Well it was 2 and 3/4 hours of a fantastic live performance with almost 30 songs!
The voices were superb apart for the very beguinning when Don Henley sang, his mike wasn’t well set up so during the two first songs that he sang his voice was almost unrecognisable to me. But it got much better.
I’m always impressed at how this guy can sing and play the drums so well at the same time.

There were two parts. First part was the early Eagles songs with a much country easy going groove. Lots of beautiful harmonies for which these guys are known for.
The second part was more energetic with lots of guitar and an absolutely phenomenal Joe Walsh who excelled in singing his “In the City” and “Life’s been good” songs.
Joe if you read this, you’re my HERO :wink:

The show ended with Desperado and again was sung beautifully and took a great dimension.
The band filled the arena with a wonderful atmosphere and I am so grateful to have been able to be there.

All in all, a superb show!


Joe Bonamassa in Nice tonight.

Wooowww. Outstanding. I’m gobsmacked. (Where’s me jumping banana smiley???)

What can I say? A genius of a guitarist! 3 other fantastic musicians with Carmine Rojas on Bass (played with Bowie, Rod Stewart, Santana, BB king…) Tal Bergman on Drums (Chaka Khan, Billy Idol, Simple Minds) Derek Sherinnian on keyboards (Kiss, Alice Cooper, BCC) and Lenny Castro on percussions
(Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, Steely Dan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones)
I mean it had to be an awweessoomme fantastic gig if he surrounds himself with such equal talent.

Only 1h40 min of music time flew and I couldn’t have enough of Joe’s guitar. this guy is incredible. His fingers just fly on the guitar!
I was lucky as the initial seat that I had was overlooking the floor and there was a very annoying horizontal bar just a few inches from my eyes, so after complaining politely to the staff they kindly moved me to the front on the 6th row on a spare seat :slight_smile: that I would’ve had to pay double the money for…

Easily one of the best shows I’ve seen. i’ve had so much fun. And I’m so glad he came all the way to Nice, as very few of my favourite artists do so.


Aw fantastic. I was going to go to this but our local theatre had a fire and so it was cancelled. Looked like great fun

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Anathema (acoustic) in Gloucester Cathedral a couple of weeks ago.

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I love Anathema. Will be taking a long drive down south later and Anathema will be my choice of music for the journey


Going to see them again in Bristol in September.

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I’ve ordered my ticket for the Wolverhampton gig on September 25th can’t wait :smiley:

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Download! If that counts as a gig?

It certainly does! Any “best bits” that stood out?

Yeah Joe Bonamassa :wink: :smiley:

Aerosmith were surprisingly good. Actually I thought JB was poor. Opeth were drowned out by A7X. Skillett have a bonkers female drummer from Coventry. BSC were the “surprise” “secret” band and were great, but only got 30 minutes.

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Paul Weller - Cannock Chase 28/6/14

8 of us went for the relaxed outdoor concert experience . It was mainly a 40+ audience, in a beautiful setting on a slope surrounded by woodland . I think the capacity was about 8 thousand and as you could take your own alcohol and food in a good night was had by all.
I’m not a massive Weller fan, but I must admit he put on a very good show, mainly songs from his solo career (Sunflower, Changing Man, Porcelain God, Peacock Suit) a few Jam classics (inc Start ect) and the brilliant song from The Style Council (Ever Changing Moods).
All in all a good gig - happy days. :wink:


Not huge on solo Weller either Andy, but it sounds like there was a lovely atmosphere. Love those outdoor ‘woodland’ gigs. - There’s a local forest near me called Delamere that holds quite large gigs. Think Weller has played there too. Makes a nice change to indoor venues.

A 40 plus audience in an 8000 capacity venue. That Weller has lost his touch - perhaps time to retire.


The wife and I went to see Derren Brown’s Infamous in Canterbury last night.

It was a very entertaining show, with the first half challenging our notions of free will and focusing more on “classic” Derren Brown stuff.

The second half took a look at what it mean to be “open-minded”.

The finale had him solve a Rubiks cube a pluck some grains of rice out of a bowl. :smile:

Very understated and very, very entertaining. We both walked out smlling and had a great time.

I saw the show up in Edinburgh last summer, fantastic show, how on earth he did the rice thing is beyond me!

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Going to see Dream Theater tonight in Sheffield, as I can’t seem to find “The gigs coming up” thread ??? I suppose I really should be posting this tomorrow !!! :frowning:

Saw Voodoo Six support The Winery Dogs last night. Suspect that I’ll be in a small minority who doesn’t think that the gig will stick in my memory for long.